Juicebox Cards

Track your favorite Juicebox Projects inside your wallet.

Mint a Project Card

Choose any Juicebox project.
0.01 ETH goes to the project and 0.005 ETH goes to the Metadata project to support future metadata development.

How Cards Work

juicebox projects

Every Juicebox project is an NFT

Whoever owns the NFT controls the project. They can set cycles and configure the project’s metadata.

Project owners can set their NFT’s metadata

Projects get onchain SVG metadata by default. Project owners can set custom colors, upload static metadata like an image or GIF, or use their own metadata contract.
juicebox projects
juicebox projects

Juicebox Cards are NFT Editions

Juicebox Cards inherit their corresponding project’s metadata. Keep track of your favorite projects inside your wallet. When projects update their metadata, all Juicebox Cards update too.

Developer Resources

Customize your project's metadata

To change your project's NFT theme colors, visit your project's Juicebox.Money settings page, under the "Project NFT theme" tab.

Create your own metadata contract

Consult the NFT Resolver Docs which include boilerplate code to get you started building your own metadata contract.